Brian Whitehill


My vision for AccuSource Group is as much in line today as it was when we opened for business in 2004:  to be the very best in the world at what we do. There are a million recruiters out there, but only one like us.  Being dedicated to a niche enables us to build relationships lasting decades.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from SMU’s Communications program in 1995 while also a member of the Mustangs football team. My teammates and I were a part of the early rebuild of SMU’s football program not long after the “Death Penalty” was imposed by the NCAA (google “SMU Death Penalty” for this story). The verdict came down from the NCAA on February 25th, 1987.  I was in the 8th grade at the time and certainly had no inkling that SMU’s punishment was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me personally. Ask me about my story.

I stumbled into the recruiting business, placing doctors for a small firm right out of college. I joined Dallas-based Odell & Associates to recruit nurses shortly thereafter and spent nine years with the Odell team before planting the AccuSource Group flag in 2004.

Why Brian Whitehill?

I’ve traveled to 46 states, 30+ countries and 6 continents.  I’ve resided in Texas, Massachusetts, California, and Ohio. I have friends and business contacts across this great nation and around the world.  I connect well with a broad spectrum of people, which I believe is the secret sauce for winning in the recruiting business and in life.

Hobbies & Interests

Golf is life!  And I’m a runner… Interesting factoid: I ran every street in San Francisco.

Ian Preuth

Vice President

I do not think most people truly love what they do each and every day when it comes to their career. I can honestly say I do. As Vice President here at AccuSource Group, my responsibilities include establishing relationships with new clients and candidates as well as maintaining the ones with companies and sales execs we’ve already known. This is a win-win for all parties involved. For our clients, we’ve already built up trust and rapport with the types of sales professionals they’d like to meet. For our candidates, we’re developing a trove of information that can be of assistance to them over their career. I believe you cannot have too many friends and love getting to know all the different types of backgrounds, personalities, interests of people in our space.

Before coming to AccuSource Group I worked in the media as a content producer covering what I love… sports and news. When I came to the realization that I couldn’t be a pro athlete I knew I wanted to work in a sports capacity. I was able to land a role with the TV station/and people I grew up watching. It was an incredible experience, but after several years I knew I had something more to offer so I made the jump into healthcare technology sales recruiting.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s as competitive and committed to their craft/team success as I am. But, with that competitive spirit, comes empathy, honesty and integrity. I will always put my clients and candidates’ best interests ahead of anything else.

Outside of work I spend pretty much every minute with my wife and our two boys. Lots of time playing/coaching sports, Nerf gun wars, camping, quads, skateparks… etc. If it involves being outdoors and some competitive element, we’re in. On the rare chance I have free time for myself I still love to play golf, soccer, softball, basketball or any kind of backyard game.

Charlie Montgomery

Recruiting Consultant

As an executive recruiter with AccuSource Group, I’m responsible for creating meaningful long-term partnerships with healthcare sales reps, while also developing and implementing recruiting strategies designed to fulfill our clients hiring needs.

Prior to joining ASG, I was part of a robust sales team in the industrial piping world after obtaining my B.A from Northern Kentucky University… Rumor has it NKU was looking to start a football team and I was heavily recruited as their placekicker. Surprisingly, this initiative never took off.

I joined ASG because not only do I find healthcare technology extremely interesting, it’s also vitally important. I believe recruiters can have a direct impact assisting organizations in improving their talent pool while at the same time helping people take the next step in their career. Win-win scenario!

Not so Interesting facts about me:

  • 10.1 golf index
  • ASG Rookie of the Year
  • Played competitive soccer in the Netherlands

Mark Campbell

Director of Recruiting Services

I joined the team in 2010 while working on finishing up my college degree, after returning from a 20-yr. gap. What started as a part time gig around my school schedule has turned into a full-time home surrounded by friends and family. I can’t see myself being anywhere else.

While I’m not the face of the company, I do bring a very particular set of skills to the table. Skills I have acquired over many years and in several different fields. Organizational skills, IT skills, detail skills. Skills that make me an asset for those that are the faces of the company. My role is to keep them on track and provide the info they need, the way they need it, when they need. Some might say I’m the unknown stuntman that made Brad Pitt such a star.

Outside of AccuSource Group, my wife, 2 kids, and the 4 dogs (5 counting my daughter’s when she’s home from college), keep me pretty busy. Interests and hobbies range the entire spectrum including movies, video games, baseball and an occasional run around the park.

Cara Whitehill


I operate primarily behind the scenes to keep the gears turning at ASG, handling all our financial, corporate, and HR-related activities. After earning my MBA at the University of Texas, I developed a strong interest in small business management and entrepreneurship, so the chance to help launch this this company was the perfect opportunity for me to learn the ropes first-hand.

Outside of ASG, I have held numerous strategy and executive roles for several technology and travel companies, including Traxo, Deem, Expedia, Travelocity, and American Airlines. I also serve as an advisor, consultant, and angel investor for several startups, which enables me to share what I’ve learned and keep abreast of innovative new technology solutions in the marketplace.

Outside of work, I love being outdoors – golf, hiking, running, or catching a Reds or Bengals game. I also serve on the NKU Institute for Health Innovation’s Advisory Board, and volunteer as a Business Plan Advisor for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program on occasion.

As a native Cincinnatian, I root for my hometown Bengals and Reds, as well as my alma mater SMU Mustangs.